When I was a kid my father gave me Meccano construction and Bayko building sets.  He noticed I like to build, and it seemed quite natural to pile things up and put things together.  Later on in art school I discovered paint and brought color into the picture.  

My fine art training began with a two year Foundation Program at Leamington Spa School of Art in Warwickshire.  From there I was accepted into Goldsmiths College of Art, University of London with concentrations in Sculpture and Printmaking.  I met and married an American sculptor while at Goldsmiths and then emigrated with him to the USA.  

We settled in a small college town in the Finger Lakes region of NY.  There, my art focus changed to painting--a lucky happenstance resulting from lack of workspace for sculpture.  Adjunct college teaching positions seemed freely available at that time, and I taught studio and art history.  Some years went by until we were granted the opportunity to travel to Paris--the Cite International Des Arts--where we lived for 6 months.  The time in France was great and revived a suppressed need for city art-life.  We then moved to New York City. 

The late 70s' and 80s' in New York City were an exceptional and generative time for artists.  My art affiliation was Expressionism:  German Expressionism, Italian Expressionism, and East-Village Neo-Expressionism.  My paintings were often large, intense, dynamic, asymmetrical constructions.   There was a brief flirtation with coop galleries before I was taken on by Area X Gallery in the East Village.  I remained with Area X through its move to Soho--my last show with the gallery was in Soho.  

In 1999 I left New York.   I moved first to the beautiful countryside of Connecticut and then journeyed to the Mid-Hudson Valley where I established my permanent home and studio.  My gallery affiliation is now with Green Kill, an art and performance space in Kingston NY that fosters and supports a diverse, quality, multi-disciplinary art community in the Kingston area and beyond.